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Aim of Grace International Senior Secondary School

GRACE INTERNATIONAL SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL (GISSS) aims at the over-all development of the pupils personality laying emphasis on the imbibement of a rational outlook. The school endeavours to achieve academic excellence amongst the pupils and the development of insatiable thirst for knowledge through activity oriented learning. It also aims at promoting the basic human values of life.

Our Motto

Motto of Our School




Our Vision

Our Vision

GRACE Channelises in moulding the Gracian’s inner abilities with challenging spirit to bloom potentially in the world of competence.

Our Mission

Our Mission

GRACE initiates the very essence of education in imparting knowledge to children and helps them to identify themselves, along with values what they are made-of.

Also we stress on the importance and usefulness of education towards LIFE BUILDING, MAN MAKING AND CHARACTER BUILDING by enabling the children gain confidence to place oneself in this world without anyone’s assistance.

History of Grace International School

History of Grace International School

Grace International school was founded in the year 2009, by our correspondent Dr. P. MADALAIMUTHU School is situated just 15 km away from Erode town surrounded by greenery, enriching the minds of the children in education. Consequently from 2014- 2015 the school got upgraded to Grade XI and XII as Grace International Senior Secondary School.

Dr. M. VINCENT AMALRAJ is the secretary of the school under his direction and guidance, school makes prominent and progressive steps to enhance the skills of education.

From the desk of Correspondent

From the desk of Correspondent

Dear Friends,
You make the world a better place
by making yourself a better person.

The aim of education reflects the current needs and aspirations of a society as well as its lasting values and human ideals. Learning is enriched both within school and outside school through direct experience and integrated with life.

Excellence in diverse areas should be recognized and rewarded. And it is children's responsiveness to what is taught rather than just their capacity to retrain it. Experience is not what happens to a child, it is what a child does with what happens to him/ her.

Let 2016-2017 be the year of Empowerment.

May success be yours in every event that you do.
With Almighty's blessing, you & your family will be wonderful people on the earth.

With Warm Wishes,
Correspondent, Founder & Chairman
Grace Educational Institutions.

From the desk of Secretary

From the desk of Secretary

Dear Gracian
Natural learning environments inspire a burning desire to learn, the key to a productive lifestyle.

Purpose of education is to improve ability so can match with modern social requirements. Learning language for communication, sums for day to day calculation, history for what we were and way to be better, discipline for suitable behaviour, sociology to find ways to improve social structure, science for better life and etc; Currently above of all, the major concern is economic, has led education system to modify mainly for seeking better opportunities to lead better life with safe future.

Education’s goal should be to develop a love to learn that stays with students throughout a lifetime. Education should be a lifetime experience, not limited to the youth years. Both Tiger and deer continue learning to improve; one to hunt and other to prevent. Thus the occurrence is the system for evolution of knowledge. Continued improved adaptation leads to advance the knowledge to perfection.

Hence, Learning is the eye of the mind.

With Best Wishes,
Dr. M. Vincent Amalraj, M.Tech., M.B.A., Ph.D
Grace Educational Institutions.

Principal's Message

Principal’s Message

Ambition and aspiration will be fruitful when we work with a sense of direction. Each area of student’s life should be planned so that school can judge whether students are making progress. It is essential to provoke the hidden abundant talent that lies dormant by appropriate tools, so that the effectiveness of the student takes a giant leap. Catering to the needs of the students and shaping them to evolve as a prodigy is the ambition of our school.

GISSS establishes a habit – pattern of confident and optimistic thinking. The optimistic way of thinking is in itself a powerful attribute in facing life’s challenges, in all its spheres. A technique of assertiveness is implemented to each child to improve the way the child could get along with people and communicate. Cultivating a healthy mind and taking care of the mind to achieve success are shown equal importance in GISSS.

I thank our correspondent, Founder and Chairman of our Institution for providing a spiritual and holy place for teaching and learning to take place.

I thank our Secretary for his broad and wide support in both academic and co-scholastic fields in all directions to modify a best society through students to uplift their known and latent skills in GISSS.

I thank my faculty and all non teaching members of GISSS for providing a continuous support towards education.

Mrs.Anggayarukanyee Subramaniam, M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil.,

School Details


Year of Foundation : 2009
School Trust : Anna Nayaki Trust
School Type : Independent
School Category : Co-Education up to Senior Secondary
CBSE Affiliation Type : Provisional

School has the following:
1) School Management Committee

2) Sexual Harassment Committee
1. Anggayarukanyee Subramanian (Principal) - Chairperson
2. Dr. M. Vincent Amalraj (Counselor) - Member Secretary
3. S. Parthiban (P.T.A) - Member
4. G. Nithyakalyani (Coordinator) - Member
5. V. Vadivukkarasi (Coordinator) - Member
6. P. Uma Sankari (Coordinator) - Member

3) Disciplinary Committee
1. K. Lalitha ( Senior Coordinator)
2. V. Mynavathi ( Fame House Coordinator)
3. S. Venkatachalam ( Faith House Coordinator)
4. S. Sangeetha ( Joy House Coordinator)
5. N. Saranya ( Trust House Coordinator)

4) Academic Excellence Committee
1. Dr. M. Vincent Amalraj M.Tech., MBA., Ph.D., - President
2. Anggayarukanyee Subramanian M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil., - Member Secretary
3. K. Lalitha M.A.,B.Ed., - Member
4. Mr. S. Venkatachalam M.A.,B.Ed., M.Phil., - Member
5. R. Parimala M.Com., M.Ed., M.Phil., - Member
6. P. Matheswaran M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., - Member
Academic Excellence Committee monitors and assures the academic quality of the teaching and learning going on in the classrooms and directs the academic programs.
Ensures appropriate representation for academic disciplines with in the school.
Provides student learning support services.
Looks after teaching, evaluation, remedial measures and empowering students .
Motivates professional development classes.

5) Grievance Cell
Grievance Redressal Officer : Mr. S. Venkatachalam M.A.,B.Ed., M.Phil.,

6) Infrastructural facilities such as class rooms, science labs, math lab, computer lab, library and rooms for extra curricular activities to the expectation of CBSE.

7) School conducts various activities and programs for developmental education and for the social, cultural and moral development of the students and for safe guarding their health.

Code of conduct for Employees

Code of conduct for employees:

The following acts shall Constitute breach of Code of Conduct:
1. Habitual late Coming & negligence of duty
2. Use of abusive language, quarrelsome & riotous behaviour
3. Disrespectful behavior, rumor mongering and Character assassination
4. Making false accusations
5. Use of liquor or narcotics
6. Misappropriation of school property
7. Destruction of school records and property
8. Conviction by a court of law for criminal offence
9. Encouraging any form of malpractice connected with examination
10. Divulging Confidential matters relating to school
11. Obstructing other members of the staff from lawful duties
12. Carrying on personal monetary transactions among themselves, with the student and / or with the parents
13. Making sustained neglect in correcting class work or homework
14. Taking private tuitions without permission of school authorities
15. Absenting from work even though present in the school premises
Note: Teacher’s loyalty, sense of dedication and integrity of character at all times should be an inspiration of the youth committed to their care.

Code of Conduct for Students

Code of Conduct for Students:

The following acts shall Constitute breach of Code of Conduct:
1. English is the medium of communication within the school of premises.
2. The student should be regural and punctual in attending the school.
3. The Student should not absent themselves from school without producing a leave letter from a Parent or Guardian in case of absence for more than three days, the leave letter should be addressed to the principal accompanied by the Medical certificate.
4. The students should always come to school neat and tidy in the Uniform dress prescribed by the school.
5. They should go in the line to the assembly and to the play ground from their classes.
6. Loitering and making noise in groups are prohibited.
7. The students should refrain from using loud or vulgar language in the school premises.
8. The student should not leave leave the school premises during the school hours without the permission of the principal.
9. It is better to avoid wearing costly jewels. they should not bring costly things. The school is not responsible for the loss of such things.
10. The students are expected to keep their class room and the school premises very clean.
11. They should not scribble on the notice board, blackboard, walls, furniture etc.,
12. They should not make any damage to the school property.
13. They should pay proper respect to the elders and teachers and be always obedient.
14. All note books and books should be kept neat, well covered and labelled.
15. The Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones to the School, if found, strict disciplinary action will be taken.