Academic Session: 1st April 2016 to 30th March 2017
[April to September - Term I, October to March - Term II]

Pre-Primary [Kindergarten]

We follow a mixed-up pattern of Montessori method of teaching. Students will be moving from their classroom to indoor games room, smart room, computer room, kids play park, library, activity room and herbal garden for learning in a child-friendly environment. Their class room are brightly coloured, well equipped, learning wooden materials, spacious and picturesque painted inner walls with a long black board and large digital smart board. Parents receive the skill reporrt twice a term and used to have parents teachers meet thrice a term/semester.

Primary Level [Grade I to V]

1. Students will have two formative assignments [FA1 and FA2] and one summative assessment [SA1] in each term for one academic session.
2. During the month of April, Criterion Reference Test (CRT) is provided to all students to compare with pre-specified level of accomplishment. It enables the student to realize their potential in the Process of learning.
3. First formative assessment will be in the month of June to measure their learning capability in each grade.
4. Our school follows CCE in assessing the progress of the child by adopting various teaching methodologies to enhance their interest in learning.
5. All classrooms are stable, strong, well furnished, technology equipped with digital boards, provision of cupboards for all subjects and includes a mini library with resource corner.
6. Portfolio analysis, Anecdotal records, rating scale and document analysis are the tools used for formative assessment and Techniques such as assignments, quizzes, elocution, group discussion and club activities are conducted with flexible timing to evaluate the child's skill.
7. Summative Assessment will be done in Written form.
8. Finally the students progress is assessed by relating scholastic with Co-scholastic domain.
9. Student's performance will be assessed using conventional method of numerical marking and Gardens will be awarded to indicate the subject wise performance.
10. Parents-teachers meet will held thrice in a semester/ term.
11. We follow three languages to inculcate the habit of acquiring languages.
[ Language I -English]
[ Language II -Hindi]
[ Language III -Tamil/Sanskrit]

Upper Primary Level [Grade VI to VII]

1. Each term/semester comprises of two formative assessments and one summative assessment .
2. All classes follow CCA with continuous learning and assessment as it provides the platform for the active involvement of students in their own learning.
3. School offers an opportunity to students to improve their work after feedback.
4. The time-frame, split up of syllabus as per the four formative assessments, and the minimum number of suggested tasks for each formative assessment will be given in the annual planner.
5. Summative assessment is formal and is usually a paper- pen test.
6. Students work collaboratively with classmates.

Secondary Level [Grade IX and X]

1. Classrooms are designred to enable group collaboration, have the flexibility in furnishings and technology with ease and speed.
2. Students work quitely and reflectively , have space to operate in small group discussing and debating.
3. Students find their voices as they create projects using multimedia and they show a change, what it is to be a contributing citizen and carry these skills forward.
4. Students are prepared to make an exponential growth in their basic skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, researching, scientific explorations, math and multimedia skills.
5. Four formative assessments and one two summative assessments will be held during one academic session.
6. Students will appear for All India Secondary School examination by the end of Semester.

Senior Secondary Level [Grade XI and XII]

Groups offered in class XI

A1 : English core, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
A2 : English core, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Computer science
A3 : English Core, Physics, chemistry, Biology, Computer science

B1 : English core, Accounting, Businessstudies, Economics, Computer science
B2 : English core, Maths, Accountancy, Business studies, Economics
B3 : English core, Accountancy, Business studies, Economics, Informatics Practices